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UK Based Datacentre

Our servers are based in a data centre in the UK so your UK website can enjoy fast LScache optimised loading times from a local connection. A UK based website will load faster on UK servers than US servers (for example.)

Superfast Performance

Our UK servers use the latest LScache otimised server technologies with 100% RAID10 SSD storage and gZip compression as standard for superfast performance on your website.

NO Contracts

We're so confident you'll like our UK hosting and its features we require NO CONTRACTS to tie you in to long term plans. You're free to go if you don't like us or you're free to stay if you do...
(which you will)

100% Renewable Energy

We're very proud to say our data centre uses 100% renewable/clean energy and always will do.
You can be sure your hosting is doing its bit to help save the planet.

  1. WHO USES DRUPAL? - Many large organisations use Drupal to create and manage their online presence including BBC, City of London, France, NBC and MTV UK.
  2. DRUPAL 8 - The latest version of Drupal is the most advanced and easy to use yet. Doing anything with Drupal 8 is a breeze, so you could have your first page up in minutes.
  3. OPEN SOURCE PROJECT - Drupal is made possible by a dedicated global community of boffins who are constantly updating and upgrading to make Drupal better and better. There's currently more than 1 million passionate developers, designers, coordinators, editors and sponsors working together to make Drupal what it is.
  4. MAKE SOMETHING AMAZING - You've probably visited a Drupal site many times without knowing it. It's used by many to create the websites you already know and love. It has easy and advanced tools that allow anybody to create amazing websites.


Once your hosting package is set up within a few minutes of ordering you can get your SSL certificate and install Drupal straight away, so you can be creating your new website to wow the world with.

Easy Installation

Our Drupal UK Hosting includes an easy application installer which takes care of the technical installation for you.

Easy and Simple to Use

Just choose the type of content you want to add to your site and add it in minutes.

Drupal installation

Choice of Themes

The installation comes with a choice of themes. Choose whichever fits your requirements.

Unlimited Pages

There's no limit to how many pages Drupal can produce for you. Just keep an eye on your disk space, but you'll have enough to create hundreds of pages!

What you get...

Our Drupal Hosting provides everything you need for your Drupal website without costing the earth, so no need to break the bank.

Disk space & Bandwidth

5GB Diskspace
∞ Bandwidth
0 FTP Accounts


5 Email Accounts
150MB Email Disk Space
0 Email Lists
∞ Autoresponders
∞ Forwarders
∞ Filters

Add on

5 Subdomains
0 Parked Domains
0 Addon Domains
0 Aliases

MySQL / MariaDB

3 Databases
Shared Database Size

Cost: £4.99

per month

All our hosting
packages include...

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

We take your uptime very seriously!
If our servers are down our own website is down, so we have redundancy in place to protect all our UK hosting packages.

Free SSL Security

User security is a serious business and needs to be taken seriously. We provide free SSL certificates automatically for all our UK hosting packages (for each domain) so you can enjoy knowing your customers are secured and better search engine rankings.

cPanel Administration

cPanel is the leading industry standard in hosting management.
Everything you need to administer tools and settings for your website is provided within your own easy to use administration area.

Free LScache Technology

Within your cPanel administration you'll find our LScache tool which you can use to apply server optimisation settings including gZip compression to allow faster loading.

SiteBuilder Pro

All our UK SSD hosting packages include "Site Builder Pro" with easy-to-use templates so you can publish a professional looking website in minutes without any coding or technical know-how.

Web Apps Installer

We include Softaculous web app installers with several categories so you can find the right scripts and apps you need for your website. Includes: Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Magenta, OpenCart and many more...

Plus all of this...

  • Superfast NVMe SSD & LScache Performance
  • UK Datacentre using 100% renewable / clean energy
  • cPanel with 'Jupiter' theme
  • File Manager with FTP access
  • Support for php 4.4 up to 8.1
  • Support for all scripting languages
  • Automatic FREE SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt
  • Free daily backups
  • Hotlink and leech protection
  • Secure webmail from RoundCube
  • POP3 and IMAP email client support
  • Email Encryption
  • Email Authentication
  • SPAM Assassin
  • Cron jobs
  • Custom error pages
  • Free .co.uk .com .net .org or .uk domain name for first year

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