It has recently been announced that cPanel, the people who provide your excellent hosting backend control panel have been taken over by a large venture capital company. The fact they are a 'venture capital' company says everything you need to know...
They're in it to make money. Nothing more!

They have completely restructured the business model that was previously put in place and shaken the industry. Many Hosting providers have already gone out of business because of it!

The changes are massive! They are now charging more and seemingly giving less. The biggest change is that hosting companies no longer pay a one-time license fee to provide cPanel to its clients. They are now charged according to the amount of accounts that are created, so as you can imagine, it's now getting VERY expensive to offer cPanel and pricing structures across the globe are being altered to suit.

We have already been informed by our provider about the changes they are making. We have NO CHOICE but to go along with them or cancel our services with them. 

This is what we know:

We previously were allowed to provide an unlimited amount of cPanel accounts. This means that, for our own license we could take on an unlimited number of clients up to our disk space limit. This is about to change. From 1st September 2019 we are limited to the number of cPanel accounts we can allocate before we're charged higher fees. With each new account comes ever-increasing fees.

At this stage, we're not yet looking to increase our customer fees, but may need to in the future.
If so, we will not do so before 1st April 2020, but most likely later in 2020.

We may even decide to move to a completely different backend if this seems more viable.

We'll keep you informed...

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

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