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Privacy Policy

MyNetPeople are committed to protecting your privacy, but some information about you helps us to improve our website to provide a more streamlined experience for all our users.

Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced it is our responsibility to inform you of our privacy policy and how it affects you.

You can be assured that we take your privacy seriously!

Our website is SSL encrypted to help protect you from online fraud and session stealing.

Like many other websites we do use cookies on our website to track user habits. The data is gathered and processed by Google analytics and MyNetPeople.  Google processes the data on their own servers so that we can view data specific to our relevance in Google search console and commercial advert tracking.
Data collected by MyNetPeople is stored securely on our own server and has no public or external access. The data we collect includes your location (to country and city level, but not precise location) time, pages visited & how long your visit lasted, how you arrived at our site and the browser you use. The data collected includes nothing at all that can personally identify you, nor would anybody reading the data be able to identify your data as yours among others unless it can be matched to precise visit data to compare as provided by any party, for example: Unless a user can specifically state that they visited at a precise x time on a precise y day using a precise z browser etc it would be impossible to identify any data collected about any particular visitor. Every visitor's anonymity is ensured. This data is used to improve our website to streamline the user experience. If you are a MyNetPeople client and log in to your client account, data is NOT collected in that area of our website. If your browser supports 'Do Not Track' requests our analytics code will honour that request.
Using your browser's 'Do Not Track' feature will also exclude you from Google tracking.

All data collected by MyNetPeople is automatically anonomised so No data gathered is ever personally compromising to any particular individual. ALL data older than 180 days is automatically and securely deleted.

Isn't that reassuring to know...

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