You look after your business - We look after your website.

Our management packages are add-ons for sites we build and host and must be purchased when buying a hosting package from us to qualify.


£ 4.99
per month


£ 9.99
per month


£ 14.99
per month

What do you get?

For any sites without a management package our usual hourly cost for time spent working on sites is £25, so our management package add-on is the most cost-effective way to get extra work done on your website without breaking the bank. 

Package Cost (/mnth) Time working on site (/mnth) Can be bankedExtra time cost
Standard4.9930 MinutesNo14.99/hr
Premium9.9990 MinutesYes14.99/hr
Ultimate14.993 HoursYes14.99/hr

Each package allows an allocated amount of time working on your website. If you need any changes doing to your site just email us and we'll get it done. If you don't need any changes we'll use the time to optimise your site and tweak your SEO for better search engine rankings.
Unused time can be banked through a year, so if you know you'll need a lot of time spent on your site at a particular time of year, then just tell us to bank it until then.


We'll happily add a comment and a link here for any of our customers who take the time to send us their feedback or comments. Links are good for SEO. ;-)

Cash In Hand Pawnbrokers image

"Kev from MyNetPeople built my website over four years ago and has managed it ever since. He did what I wanted and gave me a website that works well for my business, including digital signage area so the screens in my shops could display my company information. My keyword positioning is all very good, with all my common search terms ranking in the top five on page one of Google. "

Stafford Whiston
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"Our website was originally built by these guys. All I wanted at the time was a very simple website with no fancy stuff - Just a presence on the internet. That's what I got. It cost very little and didn't perform well, but at least my business was on the net while I got the business off the ground. I had it rebuilt a year later by a different company. They used Wordpress and it frankly wasn't much better. It never achieved search results better than page four on Google, but who looks that far down?
I got Kev to do a new site for me and it's fantastic! I love the modern look and feel of the new site and how easy it is for my customers to use. Within three weeks of it going live it was in position THREE on page one in Google search for one of the most common search terms. I'm already getting more work from it, so it was well worth the extra money to have it rebuilt."

Kevin Fisher

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