Want us to manage your website so you can look after your business?


You look after your business.
We look after your website.

Our website management packages are add-ons for sites we host and must be purchased when buying a hosting package from us to qualify.

Backend Updates

Any hosting package requires a little work to ensure everything is running smoothly on your website. Regular tasks could be installing script updates, SSL checking and re-issuing, email filters, file maintenance, error log checking and others. Our management packages ensure that you don't need to waste valuable time on these tasks because we'll look after them for you so you can look after your business. All our management packages include this work, dependant on time available.

Search Engine Optimisation 

Search engine optimisation is a slow process and can be demanding on your time. If you buy a management package from us we'll regulary check the rankings of your chosen key search terms and twaek your site to improve those rankings to give you a better chance of being seen in common search results. We'll do everything we can to get your website as high and as quickly as we can in search results, but without using penalising 'black hat' techniques so you can be sure that once you have the results you want, you'll keep them.


N.B. Prices based on using customer's own completed website uploaded to a MyNetPeople hosting account and dependant upon compatibility. Additional costs will arise for management work on large or multi-page websites. No guarantees provided for improved search engine ranking or position since this is impossible. Search engine ranking criteria can and does change regularly so your site's ranking and position can go both up and down even without any form of management or involvement.


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    per month


      per month

        What do you get?

        For any sites without a management package our usual hourly cost for time spent working on sites is £35, so our management package add-on is the most cost-effective way to get extra work done on your website without breaking the bank. 

        CAN BE BANKED?
        (Max 6 months)
        (per hour)
        Standard30 MinutesNo£25
        Premium90 MinutesYes£20
        Ultimate3 HoursYes£15

        Each package allows an allocated amount of time working on your website.
        If you need any changes doing to your site just email us and we'll get it done.
        If you don't need any changes we'll use the time to optimise your site and tweak your SEO for better search engine rankings.
        For Premium or Ultimate management unused time can be banked up to 6 months through a year, so if you know you'll need a lot of time spent on your site
        at a particular time of year, then just tell us to bank it until then.

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