Want us to look after your website so you can look after your business, for a simple monthly fee?

Your Website. All-In-One. Domain, email, design, build, host, secure and manage.
Simple monthly fee!


You want to concentrate on your business, not your website, so leave it to us. We'll register your domain, manage DNS, design and build your website, host it, manage it and we'll set up a email addresses for you. All for a low monthly fee

We do all the work

Getting a website has lots of things to be done before the website goes live. We'll take care of it all and look after it once it's there. You just tell us if you want changes or we'll spend time optimising it for search engines.

No website worries

You, understandably would prefer to get on with running your business, not your website, so do so! It won't happen without you! It's what you're good at, right? We'll look after your website. It's what we're good at!

Everything bundled

We'll take care of everything from registering your domain name, designing and building your website, hosting it, SEO, changes you want and we'll set up a business email address for you. All inclusive.

One bill - monthly

All the costs are wrapped up into a single monthly payment. No additional costs. No renewal costs. Once your bundle is agreed your payment is fixed  for a minimum two years* and all renewal costs are taken care of by us.


Well, EVERYTHING! We'll take care of everything from start to... Well there is no finish.

We'll keep looking after your site for as long as you are with us.?


Domain name
If you don't have one already we will register and manage your domain name and renew it each new year for as long as you are with us.


Your Website
We will design and build your website from the ground up, according to your needs and thoughts. You will be appointed a designer who will work with you throughout.


UK SSD Hosting
We will create your MyNetPeople client account and cPanel hosting.
We will handle all the relevant configuration settings to get your hosting ready for your website.


SSL Security / Encryption
We will ensure your SSL certificates are issued and maintained automatically and configure all your web traffic to automatically redirect to a SSL secured version.


Business Email Addresses
We will create your business email addresses and set up the mailboxes to go with them. You can either log in to a web interface to send/receive email or configure an email client like Outlook or Thunderbird using either POP or IMAP


Updates and Optimisation
We will upgrade your hosting account with any required changes as technologies evolve, plus update your website if you have temporary or permanent changes you want made to it, or if we have none of that to do we will optimise your website to help improve search engine rankings.

There are many ways to get a website, but not many ways to get it right.


N.B. Prices for social media bundles are based on client having already set up a business social media page which already has its own following. Client will need to add a MyNetPeople user and assign as a publisher to the page. MyNetPeople are unable to create a business page on behalf of the business, nor add paid 'likes' or followers since these are usually more harmful to a page. MyNetPeople involvement is content posting to improve page quality ONLY.


per month
  • 1 website
  • Up to 5 pages
  • 3 Email Addresses


per month
  • Set up and monitor up to 3 relevant content posts / day 
  • (Posts filtered according to page relevance to provide interesting content on your business page)

  • For 1 existing SM Page


per month
  • 2 small websites
    1 website up to 15 pages 
  • 50 Email addresses


per month
  • Set up and monitor up to 3 relevant content posts / day
  • (Posts filtered according to page relevance to provide interesting content on your business page)

    For 2 existing SM Pages
    For 1 SM Page plus:
  • Up to three recurring posts per day according to required schedules
    (Daily, Weekly, Monthly etc)

The number of bundles we sell on are strictly limited so that we can fulfil obligations to existing bundle customers. We ONLY accept 1 new bundle each new month provided we still have adequate time/staff available. During busy periods bundles will not be available. If no bundles are available you can still contact us to enquire. If your requirements are suitable for our bundles but we are unable to offer you one at the time you will be added to a waiting list until a bundle is available. Until then you can still buy a hosting account and host a website with us which can be upgraded when a bundle is available. When there is a waiting list, existing hosting customers will always take priority over non customers.
Bundles are also strictly limited to one customer per business category/description to avoid conflict of interest.

Therefore there is no quick automatic way to buy/set up a bundle. We need to check that we don't already have a bundle account for a competitor and to discuss your requirements in depth to ensure we can delliver precisely what your business needs.

*All-In-One bundle prices are fixed for a mimimum of two years. During this time increases or decreases may ocurr to domain and hosting renewal fees, taxes, inflation etc, so adjustments may be made to bundle fees at periods between every two to five years. Any changes to fees for MyNetPeople customers will be notified  at least one month in advance, at which point a customer can choose to leave if they wish.


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